Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cousin Buggy!

I went to get Lola's newborn pictures taken yesterday (they're ridiculous BTW,) and there was a little 16 month old boy that was getting his done before us. As the photographer was snapping away at this kid he was a hot mess. Crying, whining, throwing a fit, wanted to be held - ugh - all as I am trying to get Lil Lola to sleep. It made me think "My nephew Trey is nothing like that!" Yes he's busy, what 15 month old boy isn't? But he is just the most lovable man you will ever meet.
 I have watched him grow into such an adorable little man and I just HAD to post a couple of pics. His mom & dad are my husbands brother, and his wife Antoinette, who is not only my Sister-in-law but one my best friends. They are a beautiful family and we just love 'em. So let me introduce you to the biggest little sweetheart on the planet. My nephew Trey aka Bug!

This is one of my faves. It captures his true personality. He is in absolute disbelief that his Mommy let him play in the fountain, and he is in his glory!

Pics by Brooke Logue Gomberg. 


  1. your lucky to have such a wonderful nephew like trey..i guess i am lucky too huh.