Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Did It

Yup. I took my 5 week old baby on a 14 hour drive to NY. And we survived! Thanks to my Mom, and a very heavy foot, it only took us 14 hours. I even stopped to feed/change her 5 times. Aparently she loves her carseat now cause she pretty much slept the whole way. As long as someones in the back to replace the binky once she's dropped it - she's good to go. 

NY is great, we've been so busy visiting with friends and family. Thankfully its warm here (for now) as soon as it gets cold, my ass is back in GA. 
Here are my two best girlfriends from NY - Sarah & Alyssa.

Easter was great. Me, Lola and my Mom were invited to The Ford Plantation by our friend Susan Weiss.  It was beautiful, and the food was great. Here are a few pics of Loli on her first Easter! Got her dress from

We miss Daddy terribly as usual. This was officially the last major holiday we will spend apart. Thank god for that. 

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