Saturday, December 4, 2010

Im back!

What a crazy month-and-a-half we have had! We have been on leave (John's been off from work) for about a month and we were in FL for most of that time.  I have so much to say and dont really know where do begin. I guess I'll start with my husband finally being home after a year in Iraq. We have settled in to being a family very nicely. You really would never know he was gone for the first 7 months of Lola's life because she just adores her Daddy. 

Also, did I mention how amazing it is to have a little help around here?! Aside from all the obvious reasons I love having my hubby around, it's so nice to have someone to hang pictures, fix leaky faucets, open jars, reach the top shelf.. you know, all the things you take for granted until your husband goes to Iraq. John really is an all around great guy too. Not only does he work hard, but he helps me so much around the house with laundry and cleaning. I always have to tell him to stop and relax, and "let me do that." Im a lucky girl for sure. 
Lola is 9 months old. Yep 9 months. She is doing so many new things I can hardly keep up. She says Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Doo (Dog), Bay-Bee (baby), MAAA (More) and babbles non-stop. 
Lola has been crawling since 7 months, and more recently pulling herself up, holding on, and moving from one place to the next while holding on.
Needless to say - I dont workout. Chasing after her is enough to keep me exhausted by the end of the day. 
And last but not least our most important milestone of the last few months.... TWO TEETH! Yep, it was a long road gettin' em but there here and boy are they beautiful! 
At 8 months you were 20lbs, 27 inch and 100% perfection. 
And lastly, here are some pics from our family session.