Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Months Old!!

Ok so Im a little late. But we've been busy! Lola is 2 months old. Amazing. Everyone tells you "it goes so fast," but you dont really realize it until you have one of your own. It breaks my heart knowing that Daddy is not here to share this with me. 

On a lighter note. Lola has learned all sorts of new tricks in her 2 months of life. This month, she smiles (on purpose.) She babbles and coos back at me when I talk to her. She has developed her own new set of hilarious facial expressions. She has the beginning of a laugh. She swats at her dangly toys and gets a kick out of when they make noise. She looks for her Mama when she hears my voice. She loves. her. bink. She actually cries for it. I never thought I was going to have a binky kid, but shes loved to suck from the get-go and it keeps her happy so why not. She loves the car (thankgod.) Puts her right to sleep. She has baby blue eyes, and long lashes like her Daddy. She has my olive skin, and our dark hair. She is one long baby too.

We have a doctors appt on Fri, so I will be sure to update you with her stats. I cant WAIT to see how much my Loli weighs!

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Lola looks JUST like me as a baby in this one! Ill see if I can find a good pic to scan.

Here is her signature smile & wink combo.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daddy's in trouble!!

Just look at this face, how could he ever say no to her?

I swear I wake up every morning to a new baby. Every day she smiles a little more, coos a little louder. She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I am in absolute awe of her. Everyday when we skype Daddy in Iraq, she gets really excited. I know she recognizes his voice. We just cant wait till he comes home, we miss him so much. This is, by far, the most challenging thing I've ever done. I cant wait until we are all 3 together again :) We miss you Daddy!! XXOO

Heres a pic of the cookies we made and sent to Daddy. Hopefully they're not crumbs by the time they get there, but if they are atleast we have this for proof. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Riverfront

Im spending the summer in NY in my Mom's place on the Hudson River. Weather permitting, I have tried to get out and walk. Yesterday my friend Sarah came and walked with me and we had so much fun chatting and strolling :) Lola enjoyed being outside and so did we. There are tons of ducks and geese that hang out and wait to be fed, so when Lola's a little older, she will just love it! I cant wait for that.
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Lola & Aunt Sarah
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And here are the rest.

How will I ever decided which ones to frame and put up in my house? I love them all. Nicole from did such a great job and she is such a cool gal. She has seven kids. Thats right SEVEN, and doesn't look a day over 25. I drove an hour to her Studio in Rincon GA at 11 in the morning only to find out my session wasn't until 3:30. Hows that for "mom brain?" Luckily she was nice enough to squeeze me in, and it all worked out. Lola was a gem - she slept through the entire thing. We had so much fun dressing her up and posing her. Here are a few of my fave's!







Monday, April 12, 2010

Sneak Peak!!!

Lola had some newborn photos done a few weeks ago and I am DYING to see them. So I have been stalking the photographer via email of course. She sent me a sneak peak just to shut me up. Here it is...

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

GREAT Grandma.

Just the other day Lola met her GREAT Grandma for the very fist time. It was a great moment for us all. My grandma just lights up when she sees Lola. She had 10 babies herself, and I can tell this is what she was born to do. Be a mom, a grandma, and now a great-grandma. And an awesome one at that. I remember her singing to me as a little girl. She really adored me, and I got that same feeling when she met my Lola. 
Heres one of Grandy holding Lola for the first time

4 Generations

And I will leave you with one of Lola & Bunny & her signature hat of course!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Did It

Yup. I took my 5 week old baby on a 14 hour drive to NY. And we survived! Thanks to my Mom, and a very heavy foot, it only took us 14 hours. I even stopped to feed/change her 5 times. Aparently she loves her carseat now cause she pretty much slept the whole way. As long as someones in the back to replace the binky once she's dropped it - she's good to go. 

NY is great, we've been so busy visiting with friends and family. Thankfully its warm here (for now) as soon as it gets cold, my ass is back in GA. 
Here are my two best girlfriends from NY - Sarah & Alyssa.

Easter was great. Me, Lola and my Mom were invited to The Ford Plantation by our friend Susan Weiss.  It was beautiful, and the food was great. Here are a few pics of Loli on her first Easter! Got her dress from

We miss Daddy terribly as usual. This was officially the last major holiday we will spend apart. Thank god for that.