Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Months Old!!

Ok so Im a little late. But we've been busy! Lola is 2 months old. Amazing. Everyone tells you "it goes so fast," but you dont really realize it until you have one of your own. It breaks my heart knowing that Daddy is not here to share this with me. 

On a lighter note. Lola has learned all sorts of new tricks in her 2 months of life. This month, she smiles (on purpose.) She babbles and coos back at me when I talk to her. She has developed her own new set of hilarious facial expressions. She has the beginning of a laugh. She swats at her dangly toys and gets a kick out of when they make noise. She looks for her Mama when she hears my voice. She loves. her. bink. She actually cries for it. I never thought I was going to have a binky kid, but shes loved to suck from the get-go and it keeps her happy so why not. She loves the car (thankgod.) Puts her right to sleep. She has baby blue eyes, and long lashes like her Daddy. She has my olive skin, and our dark hair. She is one long baby too.

We have a doctors appt on Fri, so I will be sure to update you with her stats. I cant WAIT to see how much my Loli weighs!

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Lola looks JUST like me as a baby in this one! Ill see if I can find a good pic to scan.

Here is her signature smile & wink combo.

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