Friday, March 25, 2011


Lovely little Lola isn't so little anymore. My girl turned one last month and is a full blown walking, talking toddler. In fact, as we speak (blog?) she is trying to climb on our coffee table. She surprises me every day with  new words. Some of her favorites are "happy" and "all done" and "more please." And yes she says them all clear as day.
Yesterday she pointed to a picture of my brother in law & say "Enny" (kenny.) Girl never stops amazing me.
Before you have kids, other moms will tell you "oh my kid is a sponge" and you really never stop to think of what that actually means. Truth is, you really only have to say something to her once, and its stored for life (so watch what you say.)

Another thing they tell you is how fast that first year flies, and you never can really appreciate that statement until you have your own. They're right. Ill say it. It goes so fast. 
And I can look back at this past year and say for sure, I didn't miss a second. There were so many times that I looked down at my sweet baby girl and begged her not to grow up. And I tried to take mental pictures to freeze her in my mind, just the way she was. And I ran to get her in the middle of the night when she cried for the 3rd & 4th time that night because I knew that someday she be 16 and I'd be begging her to want to be with me. I did not miss a second of this first year, I soaked it all in and I would not have changed a thing.