Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vineyard Playdate

Ok so can we call it a playdate if there were only 3 Mamas and 3 Babies? Whitney got sick :( and who knows what happened to the other girls but hell, I made like 20 sandwiches, so I was stickin around! It was just me & Lola, Kelly & Amy, and Jackie & Alex. The 3 of us girls just sat around and chatted for a few hours and compared pregnancy/birth/baby stories. Isnt that what its all about? I made chicken salad sandwiches, and roasted veggie sandwiches - yum! Kelly brought broccoli salad, and chocolate cake, and Jackie brought hummus & Vegan chocolate chip cookies. (Are you kidding me? Vegan chocolate chip cookies, I am in heaven.) So we ate & chatted, and JUST as I was about to go inside to pick up a bottle of vino for my Mom, Lola has a meltdown. So I got her in the car, fed her, and took off. All just in time to catch John on skype. It was a good day.

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