Monday, May 17, 2010

Missing JR.

Our days have become pretty uneventful lately. Between taking care of Lola, and work, I hardly have time to leave my house. One thing I was not prepared for before having a baby is what a full time job being a Mama is. I never realized how much of my brain she consumes. My days absolutely fly by. I have been planning a vacation for about 10 days after he comes home. Ideally, we would take a cruise to the Caribbean, and bring a sitter along. We'll see. Trying to look forward to the day when he will be home again, and we can get back to normal life, as a family. Here are a few pics of my handsome husband. 

And just cause I miss him, here is one of us the day before we found out I was pregnant! (And yes as my husband pointed out, we are in a bar, and I did proceed that night to get drunker than I think I have ever been.)

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