Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Halfway there!

If I were to sum up my life right now into one word it would be "limbo." I am living in limbo. But i guess thats the life of an army wife. John's in Iraq, our house is in Savannah, our home is in Florida, and I am in New York. And to addto it all, this time next year, we could be in Texas. John got put on orders for April 2011 for Fort Hood, which is near Austin, TX. BUT if all goes well, and John gets the recruiter positions we will (hopefully) be headed home to Florida. I am so happy to have made it half-way through this deployment. John will be home sometime in Oct. I cannot wait. It will be so great to have our lives back and be a family again. Lola will be 7 months old.

In other news... this past weekend was a mess. The exact day Lola had her shots, she started to cough. And being the worry wart that I am, I panicked. I thought for sure she had RSV again. Turned out to be nothing but I kept her in all weekend.
She has a new obsession (check back for a video.) Her activity mat. Man she loves that thing, and it gives me a chance to put her down and get some work done. Im one of those Mamas that feels guilty every time I put her down. Here are a few pic from the last couple of days.

Check out her lashes!! Lucky girl, gets em from her Daddy.

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