Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Jersey Shore

Not the show. Although it is one of my faves, we actually visited the Jersey Shore this past weekend for a wedding. We stayed at hotel called the Ocean Place which was right on the ocean. (The one that woke us up at 2 am for a fire drill.) We spent our days shopping on the boardwalk. I would've taken Lola to the beach but it was just too chilly. Sat afternoon, we went to the church to the ceremony. Lola was SO good in church. She just sat on my lap and was as content as can be listening to the music (and singing along.) Everyone oohed and ahhed at Loli. Im still getting used to all the attention she gets everywhere we go. After the church, we headed back to the hotel to meet my Aunt and her friend Aggie who both came to watch Lola while I went to the reception. First time leaving her was a success! She slept the whole time. Such an angel. The reception was really great except for the fact that it just made me miss John. Nothing I do is as fun without him there. Seeing all the couples dancing and having a good time was a bit of a bummer for me. But I know its just a matter of time till he's home, but for the time being, its hard. I was probably a debbie downer, just sitting at the table all by myself, checking my phone a million times to see if my aunt had called. To make matters worse, I hadnt talked to John in a few days and I was a little worried. When someone is killed in their unit, they go on "blackout." Basically all communication is shut down until next of kin is notified of the death. Lovely huh? Yeah its awful. But luckily I heard from him this morning and he is fine. 

Lola is getting so big. Her hair has come in particularly nice the past few days, and she is smiling more than ever. She is [trying to] roll over, and is now intentionally grabbing things that I put in front her. Just today she started to scoot herself up on her matt using her feet. I wish she could stay this size forever. Every day is such a joy just being her mommy. She is just so sweet. Here are some pics!

Mackie, The Bride & My Mom
My Mom & Me 

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