Friday, May 14, 2010


A free minute! Blogging has moved to the bottom of my list somewhere between laundry and showering. My work for the week is done and I can finally update you all on my lovely little Lola. This week started out rough. Lets just say I will not be eating dairy again anytime soon. I had a few things with cheese on mothers day. Big.fat.mistake! Lola had a bellyache and the squirts for the following few days. Poor little thing. I felt so bad for her she would just wail-out crying cause her belly hurt. That is so not like her! But luckily it went away and she is back to her cheery self.

John put his recruiter packet in so hopefully we will find out soon if he gets accepted. PLEASE PRAY FOR US  If he becomes a recruiter that means no more deployments for awhile! I always tell him I dont care where in the world we live, as long as he is not deployed, I am happy. I live for the days that I greet him at the front door with a big hug and kiss when he comes home from work. OK enough mush. I am going to start planning his coming home party soon. Never too early right? I am thinking daytime BBQ with closest friends & family. I cant wait!!

I will leave you with some pics of Lola from this past week - shes gettin so big!
And here is me and my lil bro. 


  1. Ok... your little girl is just beautiful!!

  2. I love the adorable headbands that you have on lola in like every picture.