Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Date with Ryan & Whitney

Today we did the Walkway over the Hudson. Its an old train bridge that was converted into a walking bridge just this year. All together its about 2 1/2 miles, which I think is more than I have walked in a long time. Lets just say Im gonna be sore tomorrow. I am SO out of shape its not even funny. Not that I was ever in shape, but having a baby your body just turns to... mush. So there was supposed to be about 6 ladies at this play-date but only me & Whitney showed which was FINE with me! We got the babies out of our cars and were ready to go. Only halfway through I realized.. I forgot the binky. What kind of a mother am I? Who forgets the ONLY thing that calms my child down?! Well we were too far out to go back so I just decided to hope for the best. So once we got to the Poughkeepsie side, we sat down and had some snacks, drinks, found a spider crawling on me, changed the babies, and we were back off to the other side. Cue the meltdown! I think this was the point when she realized she didn't have the binky and she pretty much screamed the entire stroll back. I am not looking forward to breaking her of that bink. It is her BFF (and in turn, my BFF.)

My husband is doing just fine in Iraq. We miss him more and more every day. I could go on about how this whole thing totally sucks, but you get the point. We only have like 4 1/2 months left. Its so close I can taste it.

Sweet Loli's first time in the big stroller!

Whitney & Ryan

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  1. it was so hard for me to take it away from my daughter when she was like 2 1/2. i kept having to say we lost it or buy this stuff to put on it so it tasted yucky.