Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ideas that spin around in my head all day long

I've been racking my brain for awhile trying to think of the perfect idea for John's welcome home party. I just want this to be so great for him.  I know its not for awhile but hey Im excited ok? The more I focus on that light at the end of the tunnel, the easier it is for me. So I discussed it with him and we decided a BBQ would be best. I think Im going to try to rent out a clubhouse that has a kitchen & tv's and a pool. Its going to be All American themed. Id love to know your opinions on if you think its a cute idea or just plain cheesy. Here are some of my inspirations...

I know this is 4th of July themed, but I really like the flags, popcorn & strawberrys!
The thing I loved about this one is the lanterns. AHH mazing.
I definitely want to do old school bottles of coke. Also LOVE the banner. I think I can tackle that one myself...

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  1. i think it looks great! yes it may be 4th of july themed - but he's military... it's perfect!