Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Florida here we come!

Lola and I booked our flight to Florida today! We leave in 2 weeks. I cant WAIT to see all my friends & family. I haven't really had a chance to show Lola off to anyone in person. Plus with Aunt Toni around, I will finally be able to get that much needed break. In case I never mentioned it Aunt Toni is my awesome sister in law/bff, Antoinette. She and her sister Noodle (and cousin buggy of course) are coming up to visit for a week. Then I am flying back to FL with them. I am so excited to see all three of them.

In Lola news, we had a big night last night. She slept in her crib ALL night. I had her Angelcare monitor on. Im not quite sure if that thing make me less worried or more paranoid, but I paid $100 for it so Im using the thing. Daddy is doing well overseas, he misses us, and we miss him terribly.
Here is my fav pic from last weekend! (Shes not really sitting up on her own, my mom is holding her from behind ;) )


  1. she is so adorable! she is a great mixture of you and john!.