Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Months Baby!

Im a little late this month because we didn't have her 3 month check up until today. We went to the doc. this morning to get some more shots. Lola weighs 13.3lbs., 25 inches long, and has a head circumference of 16" in diameter. WOWEE! I cannot believe my sweet little baby is 3 months old. Part of me is excited to see all the new changes in her, but the other part is heartbroken that she is not a teeny tiny newborn anymore. Lets not get things confused, I do not miss the 100 diapers a day, numerous night time feedings and overall inability to do anything. It is nice to have more of a "kid" that I can schlep around to Target and such. I put away her newborn clothes last week - painful. Yes I cried, and yes I will probably cry with every new clothing size. 3 Months is quite a milestone in my book, and she has learned so many things this month.

Lola, here is what you can do:

- This month you have mastered the art of smiling. You are absolutley the smiley-est baby I have ever met. When you wake up in the morning or from a nap, I hover over your crib as you rub your eyes and I say..."Miss Lola, are you awake?" and you give me the biggest grin you can manage. It melts my heart at least 4 or 5 times a day.
- You also have learned how to reach and grab for toys. A few times, while on your activity mat, I have noticed you grab on to the dangly toys and pull yourself on to your side. Please dont learn how to roll over any time soon. I am enjoying being able to leave you on my bed while I get ready in the morning!
- You havent slept through the night just yet. I usually put you down at around 7:30 and you wake around midnight. This is also known as Mama's work time. I feed you at midnight, then put you right back down. You usually will wake at around 4 or 5 for another feeding, and then sleep till 7. Not too bad.
- You are not a big fan of tummy-time, never have been. But you can lift your head up 90 degrees. You only last a few seconds though, and quickly get annoyed. I can tell your not much for physical activity (hm.. wonder where you get that from?)
- Your biggest trick for this month is learning to stand on your legs! You finally put your feet down on the ground and can support yourself with your little feet & legs. BOY do you love to look around from this perspective. Something tells me you are going to be an early stander/walkers. We'll see.
-This month, you've also found your piggies! Let the obsession begin. I tell you... "this little piggie had a veggie burger" You love that.
- You still love to snuggle, and you love when I touch your face. You know how cute you are already, the look on your face says it all!


  1. She is a cutie pie

  2. Lola is adorable! Where do you get all of her cute headbands? I need to get some for my Myla:)