Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Impromptu photo session

This afternoon I took Lola outside for a little mini photo session. Believe it or not, my dinkly little point and shoot takes some pretty good quality photos! Not bad for $200. Lola learned a new skill today, one we've been working on for a few weeks now. Lola claps! All I have to say is YAY and the girl starts clapping away. I am beginning to think she is left handed, because her right hand just kinda stays stationary while her little left hand goes smacking away. Seriously, cutest thing ever. Heres a vid...

So I scooped Lola up and took her outside today. It's so nice here in Savannah now, the humidity has just started to break. And believe it or not, the grass wasnt as buggy as I thought it would be, so I didnt mind putting her on it... Did I mention I hate bugs?

Check out the pics...

Also, we met Ariana & Ian at the treehouse on post today. It was really fun!! Ariana is one of the few people in the damn town that I can relate to. She is from Florida & both our husbands are deployed. Her little man Ian is 9 months old & is as sweet as pie.

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