Sunday, October 10, 2010


Saturday John will be home. Its been about a year since he's been gone and I cant believe its all coming to a close. So many people ask me, are you so excited for him to be home? And of course, I am. But excited just isnt the right word. Excited doesnt do the situation justice. Excited is best used to describe the feeling you have when you are looking forward to a vacation, or party, or something like that.  I think the best word to describe the way I feel is relieved. Relieved to know that I wont have to worry anymore. Relieved to not be doing this all on my own. Ill be so happy to have someone to share my Lola with. There are so many things that I took for granted when John was here. I surely will never make that mistake again. I so look forward to cooking dinners, going for walks, and watching our favorite shows on TV.  Cant wait for all that good stuff, and just to be a family. 

Lola is so looking forward to seeing her Daddy, this morning while skyping, she was just squealing and giggling away, saying DaDa. Cant wait to see how she reacts when she sees him in person. 

 And we are counting the days, hours, minutes till we can drive over to that field and pick up our missing 1/3.

And my girlie, she just keeps getting cuter.

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