Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You must crawl before you can walk.

Apparently not. I have a strange feeling Miss Lola will be walking before she starts to crawl. Today, I sat her down in her crib, just so I could get a few things together. I look over and there she is STANDING up, holding the railing. Really Lola... REALLY?

So you've probably been wondering what I've been up to lately seeing as I have been too busy to blog. Well, I was in Fl. Again. For about 2 1/2 weeks this time. Had a great time, took lots a pics...
Here is Lola & her cousin Trey...

These are two adorable little girls that my sis - in - law's, sister was babysitting. Caroline & Payton, and of course Loli in the middle.

And here are a few from the day we spent at my friend Jessica's pool. 

Yup thats a pickle!


  1. How adorable is she?? OMG! My daughter Marin loves pickles also! So funny!

  2. I didn't know she pulled herself up! Go Lola!!! Time to lower the mattress =)