Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Wow where do I begin? I know I am super late on Lola's 4 month update, but since we were on vacation, I didn't get a chance to take her to the doctor & get her stats. I can tell you though, she is doing so many new things lately. The girl loves to stand. She has decided that it is so much more interesting to stand up then to lie on her back. So now whenever I put her down on her back she tries to push up with her feet. So now I have her in her jumparoo & doorway jumper. I think she likes the view much better from there!

Her little voice is in full force. Not only does she babble, but she full on uses consonants & vowels together like "baaaa" and" "maaa." She talks NONstop! Also, when I sing to her or play music she tries to sing along.
She now can grab things with her hand & pass them from one hand to another. Also, Im starting to be able to carry her on my hip, which is something Ive been looking forward to for awhile, since I dont put her down much :)

On another note, I've created a bit of a monster in the sleeping department. In order for me to get some rest, I put her in bed with me a few times. Well now shes hooked & wont sleep alone in her crib. Great. I have exactly 92 days till Daddy comes home, I must break this habit before then.

I will be sure to update next week with her stats, and I will leave you with a few pics from the past month...

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  1. i just wanted to let you know that your headbands are ADORABLE! makes me wish i had a little girl... maybe next time! **don't get me wrong though - i wouldn't trade in my aiden for anything!**