Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heres what I've been doing...

Ahhh Sunday night. All my work for the week is done & I even manage to sell a few headbands too. Incase you didnt notice the changes around here, look to the right. I started an Etsy store to sell Lola's headbands. Its called Lola Beane Boutique. Why Lola Beane you ask? Well a few days after Lola was born, her Aunt Toni, Uncle Kenny & Cousin Bug visited us. Anotoinette (Toni) is the queen of nicknames I must say. I totally suck at them & never QUITE understood why anyone would want to be called anything but their name. So she gave Lola the nickname Lola Beane, and it just stuck. Then Lola grew like 4 inches in 3 weeks and totally looked like a string bean, she has always been super long, so that was that. '
In addition to Etsy, I've also got our headbands in a few local boutiques! I am in the process of launching a blog for Lola Beane Boutique, aside from our family blog. (Two blogs, am I nuts?) 

Miss Lola...
My sweet Lola girl is growing so big & so fast. Her new thing is consonents. She say dadadadada over and over in a squeeky high pitched voice. So sweet. She is sleeping in my bed full time now which is probably a bad thing, but its the only way we both can sleep these days. We are headed home to GA on Saturday & OH BOY am I excited! I cant wait to sleep in my own bed, in my own room. Cook in my own kitchen. I cant wait for Lola to have her very own room. (Ill post pics of her nursery later.) Oh yeah and...only 85 days till John comes home!!!! YEAH!
Heres some pics from the past week :)

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