Friday, August 6, 2010


So Many first have been happening in our world lately. I cant believe how fast Lola is growing. I find myself begging her to slow down. Although every day with Lola is better than the last. She is such a happy baby. She engages every single person who is in her presence and just takes them in. Its amazing to think she is seeing this all for the very first time. And what's so cool, is to know that I am teaching her how to do all the things that she will someday do so often.
Since her daddy left, every time we skype, we both (her daddy & I) say Da-Da, repeatedly to her. Just recently she has started repeating after us Da-Da. So cool.
She sits like a pro, rolls over from her back to her tummy. She smiles every time you talk to her.
Her hair is dark brown, her eyes are grey-blue, and has fair skin & long black lashes.
After I put her to bed, I seriously debate waking her back up cause I just miss her cute smile & laugh.

Being her Mom is by far the defining aspect of my life. With John deployed, she keeps me going, she keeps me happy & she is my little piece of my husband that I have with me.

Here are a few recent pics. I left my camera charger at my Moms in NY so there are iphone pics!!

OH ! The most important first thus far.. we started solids last week. Started with bananas & she loved it! Check out the vid :)

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  1. Erica, she is beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job all by your lonesome... I can completely relate! Hang in there girly.... daddy will be home soon!