Sunday, February 14, 2010

Waiting for Lola

My girlfriend Brooke as an aspiring photographer. Well, in my opinion, she is one bad-ass photographer, but she (like most photographers) is her biggest critic. Im proud to say I was her FIRST maternity session. She drove me down to Palm Beach Island and just snapped away. The belly paint got a lot of attention! Each person who walked by either raised an eyebrow, or just oohed and ahhed. Jeez haven't you ever seen a pregnant lady with the name Lola painted on her belly before?? I even heard some european people say "Crazy Americans."

Well, it was well worth it cause the pics came out great. I wish John could've been there to take them with me. I tried to surprise him with an album, but spilled the beans. (Im terrible at keeping a secret.) He comes home in exactly ONE week on r&r. I cant wait.

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